Fri 09 Mar 2018 07:43

The day was set for a great game of rugby both sides looking to throw the ball about with some excellent handling and solid defence, utilising the excellent playing surface aspulls backs completely dominated the opposition scoring some excellent tries with some slick handling and outstanding game control , the centres broke the line at will and the speedy aspull wingers finished off some great moves and the result was never in doubt.

If only it had been like that I knew I shouldn’t have started writing the report before watching the game

This was a good win for aspull against a much changed PGH outfit whom aspull had beaten convincingly earlier in the season aspull took the lead when they scored a try unfortunately I was getting a coffee and watching Sam on the coffee machine so I missed who scored it in fact I missed the next try as well I had to watch sam passing the ball again but I did arrive just in time to see preston score to make it 7-12 to aspull.
The game was close as both sides made mistakes and aspull continued giving away penalties at the break down (you would think Chris Bennett would know better) which kept PGH in the game aspull increased the lead when Chad can I borrow a bucket Boyce scored (I think) spadge was talking rubbish next to me so I wasn’t concentrating fully converted by Jeoff Gavin or did he ?? some questions were asked about the successful kick but the ever reliable if slightly ageing Touch Judge Steve Bennett put his flag up so that’s good enough for me 7-19
Aspull tried to play expansive rugby (some of my pre match report was right ) but Jeff couldn’t keep hold of the ball and a certain try went begging well it was inside the aspull 22 but I am confident we would have scored if Jeff hadn’t dropped it and John Gavin agreed.
PGH continued to cause problems for the aspull defence and scored 2 tries before half time to take the lead 21-19 and aspull knew they had to improve in the 2nd half So they took off capt Andy and it worked. Cameron replaced the skipper and immediately made his mark on the game. The ball was kicked over the stands resulting in a lineout to aspull as the players waited in the freezing conditions for the ball to return to the field Cameron was dancing about like bambi on ice trying to keep warm the ball finally appeared back on the pitch much to the relief of all the players Cameron ran over to pick up the ball and then in true Cameron style threw it over Kevs head back over the fence and so everyone had to wait again.
Aspull re took the lead with a try by number 8 PC saggy who scored then promptly left the field as he had to go and protect the streets well done saggy for keeping us all safe and of course scoring the try before you left I didn’t see the kick but I would guess Jeff missed it.
Some of the aspull players were struggling with the pace of the game Browny got cramp and poor Fred had to go off because he was tired bless him must be hard being 18 and having to work for a living.
Aspull made another substitution that was to change the game they took off John G never has john made such an impact on game.
John was injured as he tackled the PGH winger he fell back and banged his head on the turf ( whiplash claim coming ) he banged his head heavily on the pitch just a good job it wasn’t Sam with size of his head would have been like a sink hole in the pitch.
Aspull began to take control of the game and scored wide out aspull were inside the PGH 22 when Jeff decided to kick wide the crowd went wild ‘ Bl~~dy hell jeff what did you do that for which soon changed to good kick jeff always said he was the best Gavin.
Aspull sealed the game when self proclaimed man of the match every week and strongest man in his own world Sam scored to round off a good win and keep Aspull 2s in contention for a promotion place.

Bet you thought I had forgotten Jeffs ridiculous forward pass but I hadn’t I though it warranted a special mention
as jeff took the ball I think it was the shock of him actually catching it that he swivelled around and passed it possibly 2 yards forward difficult to tell from our vantage point and the fact we nearly fell off the gantry laughing.