Mon 04 Sep 2017 10:25

Welcome to the Aspull Emus match day Laws for 2017-18

Just a few things for you all to be aware of for the coming season

Meeting for away games

All players Must meet at the club at the time specified for away games unless you have been given special dispensation by Baz or Smudge any request not to meet at the club and go direct will be considered favourably if attached to a £20 note. Failure to turn up at the club on time without permission will result in fines and forfeits.   

Travel to away games

When travelling to away games Beer tokens will be available to those who travel with a Full car and I mean people not fuel or rubbish, you must claim your tokens on the day of the game you do not need to use the tokens the same day but you must claim them so we can control it. You will not be eligible for beer tokens if you have not paid your match day subs  

Match Day Subs

Match day subs must be paid on the day. It is your responsibility to ensure you have paid your weekly match subs. You can pay either before the game or after the game but before you leave please ensure you pay. Failure to pay will result in your name being added to the Emu naughty list and we all know where that could lead.

After match fine sessions 1st team

Fine sessions will be held 1 per month after a home game, failure to attend will result in you being added to the naughty list and paying extra in fines and forfeits. Anyone not attending the fine session MUST inform Baz or Smudge if you fail to turn up without informing them of your absence this will incur extra extra (yes its not a misprint ) fines and punishments.

Player of the Month

We will be awarding a player of the month at each of our fine sessions, You must be present at the fine session to be eligible for the award

W@nker of the Month

We will be presenting this much coveted award at our monthly fines sessions, you will Not escape the award and forfeits by not being present at the fine session. Failure to attend when you have won the award will only increase your punishments.

Weekly Spec.

There will a spec for every game failure to comply with the required spec will result in fines and possible punishments. Your spec must be shown to and authorised by Baz, Smudge or a nominated deputy 

All the fines collected will contribute to our Xmas and end of season piss ups


The naughty list will be reviewed and acted upon at fine sessions repeat offenders may find themselves passed onto the Higher Emu court for Trial

As with all Emu Laws they are subject to change at any time without prior consent

Have a great season and I look forward to seeing some of you in Emu court


Baz the Judge