Sat 4 Nov 2017

Oswestry RFC
Aspull RFC

With 10 games gone including 7 away the EMUS’s have made a good start with 9 wins and only 1 loss away to Heaton Moor. Highlights being the victories over local rivals Orrell and Wigan.

The season has seen the Emus recruit several new players to bolster an already improving squad

With young emerging talent including Cameron Richardson who has brought his own brand of humour to add to his rugby ability Cam has made his 1st team debut and also provided many emus laughs along the way I am sure there is more to come from Cameron. A recent trip to Oswestry saw Cam at his best announcing on the journey ‘I have played here before last season for Bolton its near a Mcdonalds ‘ no need for a sat nav then just find a Mcs.

As we drove along he made the fatal mistake of continuing to share his local knowledge of the Oswestry area with the comment ‘ its left at this island Baz ‘ are you sure Cam ? Yes baz sharp left at this island ‘ spadge asked once again are you sure Cam ? the reply came yes I played here last year ‘ turning sharp left at the island and expecting to see Oswestry RUFC was probably too much to expect and Cameron didn’t disappoint as we drove down the road the much anticipated and expected comment of ‘O no its not this road ‘ was uttered by Cam to be honest no one on the bus was surprised.

The trip home only enhanced Camerons reputation , with the journey barely started calls for a Wee stop by Joe ( slack Bladder ) Roper caused a halt to the minibus. Suitably relieved the return to emu land commenced , with the lads wanting to get home as soon as possible due to Westy Yed wetting no more stops were allowed , the weak bladdered backs had to resort to using empty cans and passed them to Cam who was in the front seat to empty out of the window . Now any sensible person would have opened the window poured out the cans slowly but Not Cam he decided best way was to throw the full cans out the window and promptly got soaked in some 2nd hand Lager unfortunately he didn’t learn from his mistake and continued to did it again and surprisingly with the same result , Spadge nearly wet himself not sure if it was because he was laughing at Cam or it was his age.

The trip to Oswestry had proved another memorable day in Emu Land a great victory and lots of laughs , somehow Sam was awarded man of the match but to be fair there were probably only 6 or 7 emus who deserved it ahead of him

Mr and Mrs Ford were rewarded for their continued support by being invited to a sit down Lunch a well deserved treat for 2 of our loyal supporters , John Alexander Ford was so full after the lunch he had go for a sit down while Julie soldiered on taking her Photos much appreciated by the Emus

It was good to see our President ‘King’ Jimmy make the trip and manage to wangle a place for Lunch

Jimmy has not been well recently but by all accounts managed to wolf down the lunch and made an excellent speech well done Jimmy great to see you and Good luck with your recovery from All the Emus.

Luckily for the Emus we had the help of Englands next head coach Jake to guide the players through the game directing and instructing his fellow emus with his Vast Experience ( he has watched Lots of Games on TV ) as the ball came wide Full back Kie Ford joined the line Pass it Kie pass it F***ing pass it Kie Good try Kie !

Jakes Reading of the situation proved he will go far unfortunately sometimes not far enough !!

Rhodri was eagerly anticipating his return to wales thankfully it was only a short return as we drove in and then back out of wales quickly although we did see a sign saying Andy hair was here

Unfortunately for Rhodri his game didn’t end well as he was sin binned for KNEELING DOWN BEHIND THE REF TYING HIS SHOE LACE SO THAT SOMEONE COULD PUSH THE REF OVER HIM ????? strange but true fortunately for Rhodri it was only a yellow card I did speak to the ref after to see if he could make it a Red as Rhodri is welsh !

Travelling on the Playdays Minibuses was quite apt as sometimes it is like Running a crèche

Has anybody got any tape ? whos got the Vas ? anybody got any heat Rub , any spare socks and shorts, somedays its like having 20 kids,

Thanks to Carl and Ruth West for lending us the Minibuses

Oops sorry Westy have you told them we used them ????


Another successful and eventful day In EMU land a great bunch of lads and loyal supporters.